Finding Peace in Conflict: Six of Swords

More than one thing can be true.

Watch the surface of any large body of water. It’s always moving, but look closely and you’ll see it moves in many directions at once.

This seemingly chaotic movement has many causes: the wind, undercurrents, convection, ripple effects from objects moving on the surface, or under it, etc.

You don’t always get to see the source causing these fluid dynamics, but you know that the sources are there. They are natural — not good, or bad.

What you’re seeing is perfect adherence to natural law, to the laws of physics. Water is a great teacher. You can watch it, and wonder, and learn about its nature, and then be at peace with what you still don’t understand.

Swords  + Six = Thought/Action + Beauty/ Harmony

Why does water behave like that? Okay, you can Google it; you might learn something cool! You can research it, with a chunk of grant money and a well-stocked lab and nice field instruments. Or, you can relax and enjoy the sound of water simply moving as it does, for now.

What you don’t do is go on a wild chase, from that one point of observation, to discover the precise causes of everything moving the water.

First of all, the causes are moving: the dolphins are swimming, the barge is pulling away, the tides are changing. You’ll never catch up. Relax.

Second, if you go into the water, you’ll create your own ripple effect, which changes the very movements you’re trying to figure out. Stop trying to figure it out.

Third, you need to move intentionally in or on the water. You need to have the energy to swim, surf, row, sail, or drive wherever you’re going without running out of fuel. Because if you find yourself exhausted in the water, you’re going to need help. You might or might not get that help. If you need help, remain calm and signal for someone to come. Don’t struggle.

Here’s what you do: find your center of balance.

Whether swimming or sailing, you know that moving through water is different than moving on earth, through air. So you adjust to that, and trust the vessel that carries you. Trust your body, even if you feel ill or weak. Trust the boat, and trust the water, too. 

More than one thing can be true.

To find peace in conflict, trust the truth under your feet.

 Tarot card image from the  Mythic Tarot
Tarot card image from the Mythic Tarot

Mind blown? Feel good?

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